Friday, October 30, 2009

I wanna turn back time :(

So I'd never thought I'd say this but I DON'T want school to end. I mean like seriously, everyday just seems to go faster and faster lately. The weeks feel like days and the days feel like hours. It's sad, really. :,-(

Honestly, this year has been the best year of my life. No, not because I represented my school in something for the first time this year. Not because this is my last school year. No. It's actually because of the friends I made. I mean who would've thought that I'd be dancing a tradisional dance with people I barely even knew 7 months ago? I was actually pressured into it by my friend Amir Syafiq bin Azhar. And thank god he did. :)

That led to me experiencing the best 6 months I've ever lived. Honestly. And frankly, I'm just not satisfied yet. It's been too short a time for me to get to know Anis, Faris, Misha, Ekin, Sab, Syuhadah and the rest. But in the time that I HAVE had with them, I enjoyed immensely. To the point where I know some of them inside out. :)

Granted I've had my fair share of downs in the past year as well as ups. I've been through a very very VERY bad break up. But later found someone who is sooooo much more suitable for me and who, in my humble opinion, loves me more than anyone ever did: Farhin Fateha binti Azim. :) Love you babe! Not to mention I've ran into trouble more than once this year. MAJOR trouble. But let's not get into that shall we? :)

So back to the friends part, I honestly can't imagine my life without these few FESTARIANS. Namely Faris and Anis. They helped me through my rough patches and also they supported me when I was doing well. I'm not saying the rest are useless. Noooooo! Hellll no! All I'm saying is that Faris and Anis are the ones that made the biggest impact on me. :) Sooo, I'll pay a little tribute to all of you. Here goes:

You kannn. Haih. Honestly Anis I tak tau hidup I macam mana kalau you takde. Serious. :) You've been there for me through anything and everything. And I hope I was the same for you too. :) I just nak cakap thank you and I'll miss you but we'll still hangout k? Just gimme a call anytime. :)

Bro! Kau memang kawan yang baik. Aku ada masalah ke, apa ke kau confirm tolong aku bai. And kawan macam tu memang susah nak cari. So aku bernasib baik laa untuk dapat kawan macam kau. Aku cakap kat kau masa time Festari lagi bai, kau nak pape call je aku. Kalau aku boleh tolong definitely aku akan tolong. :) thank you bro and I'm going to miss you too.

Sha! Bai aku xle lupa time Rozana kita bai. Search pon akan kasi tabik sma Kota wa cakap sama lu. Ahaha. Kau memang the best Misha. Aku akan teringatkan kau Misha. Sampai bila-bila. :)

Our president yang kecil tetapi garang nak mampus! Ahaha. Kalau tak pasal dia, confirm we wouldn't have gotten to the finals. Berapa kali dia merajuk dgn kitorg sebab tak dengar cakap punya pasal. Ahaha. Ekin you bagi I advice not too long ago and I was, I admit, cocky about it at the time. But I'm not ashamed to say that sekarang I dah ikut that advice and I hope sampai bila-bila we can remain friends. :) Thanksand sorry for everything. :)

She's my ex. She's cute, perky, and fun to be around. I've had a whole lot of fun with her and I hope she'll never forget me no matter what. :) I've said some hurtful things to her in the past and I hope she'll one day forgive me for it. Know that I still care about you as a friend and you can come to me about anything. I'll help you if I can. :) For what it's worth, I really did enjoy our moments together. They meant a lot to me. Memories that will last me a lifetime. :)

So there you have it. The people that changed my life amazingly over this past 6 months. You guys will always be in my thoughts. I've had fun. I've had sadness. Yet I'm okay with all that. I'm okay with a life that's been up and down. After all, what's the thrill of a life that just goes well all the time? ;-)