Friday, October 15, 2010

A Paradigm Shift

Wow! It's been so long since I last wrote anything here. My last post was over a year ago I think. Since then, a lot has changed. Firstly, I'm now in Taylor's College Sri Hartamas. Yupppppp. I'm doing my A-Levels now. I've met a lot of new people since I've entered college. Nice ones. Bad ones. Annoying ones. And those who are downright weird. But weirdest of all i have to say is Zamir Abdul Kayum. Zamir is the oddball la basically. He does the randomest things, I swear. He'll kutuk you like nobody's business. Eventhough, he's tough and buff on the outside, he has good intentions and he'll have your back once he's close enough to you and respects you enough. He's loyal, I'll give 'im that much. Bro's fo' life man.

Next up is Nur Sonia Bawany. Sonia here is Zamir's girlfriend. She can be a bitch most of the time but when you need her she'll be there. I've been on the receiving end of her shit many a time. But, i have to note, that all her shit is true. She is blatantly honest but her honesty makes you realize certain situations and the real impact of it. She's been a good friend to me and I appreciate everything she and Zamir have done for me. Btw, they've just celebrated their 1 year anniversary on the 12th of October. So Congratulations!

And I've saved the best for last. Erika Hana Putri :) What can I say about her. She's the person that's made my 2010. She's my best friend throughout college so far :) Safe to say, I couldn't have gone through everything I did this year without her. We have so many awesome memories :) First of which is... buying our English Legal System text book together. And since then, we've just gone from strength to strength. :)

Sure we've had fights and disagreements. But that's only because we're so damn opinionated :) But in the end, our bond becomes stronger than before we fight. Go figure :) I remember when we started out as just classmates. Then slowly, we became closer and became friends. I started sitting next to her in Math class... I started going for lunch with her, Zamir and Sonia. The four of us started going out on the weekends :) Everything :) Then when Sharwind left at the end of March, we became best friends. She knew above all else that she could rely on me and me LIKEWISE ;) The whole of semester one was amazing thanks to her! :D

Above all else, she's done and sacrificed so much and I've done the same. She's just an incredible person inside and out. I'd bet that every 3/5 guys that have met her were attracted to her at one point or another in their lives. She's witty, intelligent, smart and above all she's just a kind person. I, for one, am glad that she has associated herself with me :) Sure, she might be a little blur and occasionally has her dumb blonde moments. But to be honest, which interesting girl isn't a little bit of that right? :)

However, I'm not gonna lie and say she's perfect and doesn't have any flaws. She's irritating sometimes. And she likes to complain A LOT! But that's just HER. I wouldn't have her be any other way. Her desirable traits outweigh her flaws :) BY A FREAKING MILE :) That's my best friend and I just hope that I've touched her life as deeply and as warmly as she has touched mine :)

And so that's it for this post. I'll see when I feel like blogging again. But I sure think it's not anytime within the near future. Till then, hasta la vego.