Monday, July 13, 2009

Down and Out

Hey guys sorry i haven't been updating my blog in awhile. Just been really busy with Malam Bakat and all. So anyways, latest update is that i potentially have Dengue fever. Did the blood test yesterday and will be getting the results later this evening. So don't worry guys i'll be up and about in a week's time most probably.

So anyways, about Malam Bakat, it was actually entertaining. All the guys in the team got there just as the drum performance was about to start but we didn't go straight in because we left our ticks with Misha. So they went to the cafeteria to chomp down McD while i went down to the entrance to wait for Farhyn. She got there at 8, i think. So when she arrived we walked to the cafeteria as the girls were yet to arrive! Really? Does it take that long to do 6 people's make-up? Anyways, the girls got reached KBU at 8.30. I introduced Farhyn to my friends and thank god they all could get along with her. So, as soon as Misha arrived i took my ticks and went into the hall with Farhyn, Anis, Nik, The Jijol, and Mims. The show was good people shouting everywhere, just like a real concert. When i was done with my performance, i got changed met up with the rest and went down to McD. Yam-cha-ed while waiting for Farhyn's sister to come pick her up. Once she left, i got a ride with Mallek and spent the night at his place. So that's all for now, i guess. Ciao peeps.

P.S. I'm too fucking bored at home.

Friday, July 3, 2009

100 Truths

001. Real Name :Kamarul Bahrain Bin Kamarul Azhar
002. Nickname(s) : Bahrain, T.I.(haha)
003. Age : Soon to be 17

004. Horoscope : Scorpio
005. Gender : Male
006. Elementary : Can't recall
007. Primary School : SK Bandar Utama Damansara
008. Secondary School : SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4)
009. College : Hopefully Taylor's
010. Hair Colour : Black with shades of brown
011. Hair Length : Too Short
012. Loud Or Quiet : Loud, really loud
013. Sweats or Jeans : Jeans
014. Phone or Camera : A phone with a camera
015. Health Freak : I take care of myself
016. Drink or Smoke : If you know me well enough, you would know.
017. Do you have a crush on someone : Farhyn
018. Eat or Drink : Both
019. Piercings : Getting one after SPM
020. Tattoos : Soon
021. Social or Anti-Social : Social, Definitely
022. Righty or lefty : Right
023. First Piercing : Ear, most probably
024. First
Relationship : First real one that actually means something? Right now
025. First Best Friend : Amir Ishak
026. First Award : Ntah
027. First Kiss : Again you have to know me to know this
028. First Pet : Never had one
029. First Big Vacation : Australia
030. First love at first sight : probably, under the right circumstances
031. First Big Birthday : When i turned 2
032. First Surgery : Not yet
033. First sport you joined : Footbal/ Soccer
034. Orange or Apple juice : Fresh Orange Padang Kota
035. Rock or Rap : Rap
036. Country or
Screamo : Neither
037. N-SYNC or Backstreet Boys : N-SYNC
038. Britney Spears or Christina
Aguilera : Britney
039. Night or Day : Night
040. Sun or Moon : Stars
041. TV or Internet : Internet
PlayStation or Xbox : PlayStation
043. Kiss or Hug : When you're on the bed it doesn't matter
044. Iguana or Turtle : Iguana
045. Spider or Bee : None
046. Fall or Spring : Fall
Limewire or iTunes : iTunes
048. Soccer or Baseball : Soccer
049. Eating : A burger
050. Drinking : Coke
051. Excitement level : Alright je
I'm about to : Study
053. Listening to: nothing
054. Plans for today: heading to Bangi later
055. Waiting for : the right moment to ask her
056. Energy level : Sleepy
057. Thinking about someone : yessss
058. Want kids : Open for discussion Haha
059. Want to get married : so that i can eat out bcos my wife doesn't knw how to cook
060. When : when i become the PM of Malaysia
061. How many kids do you want : Open for discussion
062. Any name in mind : Nope
063. is missing (???) : Farhyn
064. is missing : Farhyn
065. Mellow future or Wild : Wild
066. Something you would never try : Eat cockroaches
067. Which is better in a girl : Her heart
068. Lips or Eyes : Eyes
069. Romantic or Funny : Romantic
070. is missing : my ring
071. Protective or Caring : Caring
072. Romantic or Spontaneous : Spontaneous
073. Nice stomach or Nice Arms : Whole Body
074. Sensitive or Loud : Sensitive
075. Hook-up or
Relationship : Relationship
076. Trouble-maker or Hesitant : Trouble-maker
077. Muscular or normal : Normal
078. Kissed a stranger : Nope
079. Broken a bone : Dislocated Shoulder
080. Lost glasses/ contacts : yeah
081. Ran away from home : Nope
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense : Yup
083. Killed somebody : Nope
084. Broken
someone's heart : Dunno
085. Had your heart broken : nope, but it took me awhile to realise that
086. Been arrested : Nope
087. Cried when someone died : nope
088. Liked a friend more than a friend : nope
089. Do you believe in yourself : Yes
090. Miracles : Yes
091. is missing ??? : bodoh
092. Heaven : A litlle of both to keep me on the edge
093. When do you want to die : when the times is right
094. Tooth Fairy : too old for that
095. Kiss on a first date : Nope
096. Dream Girl: 80% Angel, 20% Devil
097. Is there one person you want to be with right now : Farhyn
098. Are you seriously happy with your life rite now : Yes actually, happiest i've been in quite awhile
099. Do you believe in God : Allah S.W.T.
100. Will you post this as 100 truths and tag 10 people : 5 je eh?

I tag:-

Anis Kiss

Aisya Aminuddin Baki

Jin Wai

Jenny C

Elisa Ashlyn