Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today has been boring at best. Suicidal at worst. Fucking boring. Dah ah takde credit. Fuck betul la.-_- 


Today has been great. Life-changing. Got a call from The Jijol at abt 9.30 asking to go out. Fucking disturb my sleep. -_- Anyways, i got up showered, called Tasha and made plans to meet at OU at abt 1.30. Left for OU at abt 1, walked around, met up with The Jijol at 1.30. We ended up hanging in front of FCUK for abt ONE FUCKING HOUR before Tasha showed up. -_- Then we all went to Fish & Co. where i got Pau-ed by The Jijol for his lunch. -_- Anyways, half through he meal Nik and Elisa showed up and sat with us. We paid and left for OSC. Talked and planned to go to my house. But plans got fucked when Tasha couldn't come and none of us wanted to leave her alone. But we left anyways. HAHAHAHA. Sorry Tasha. Got home at 6 planned to go to Azad's party but those plans got fucked too. 

SO that was today.

Let me update you a little on how things have been going on in and around my life.

New pengetua at or school who's so "eager" to start his work here

The Jijol made another smart move in his life(not many) which is dumping that stupid bitch.

Oh and i started talking to Syuhadah again.

Oh and i'm digging the song Dead and Gone.

It was a fun day. And i scored an A1 for maths. 

Dig that nerds. *middle finger*