Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm serious guys. You guys better show up on wednesday. If any of you don't, I don't ever wanna see your face ever again. Nampak sgt korang lupa kawan. How many fucking times have I been there to listen to all your fucking problems? How many fucking times did I seat with you guys for recess eventhough my other friends came to school? Even when I was busy or had something to do I would be there and listen. Now this is how you guys treat me? Some fucking friends indeed. I'm putting my form 5 friends aside for awhile so that I have time for you guys. Because I know that this might be the last time I see any of you. And for those of you that cannot appreciate that, then we're better off not being friends at all.

The ones that cannot make it tu I understand. Like ekin tu, if her mum x kasi okay I understand. I can't go against her mum plak. The ironic thing is before school ended sume kata "tada hal la Bahrain. Fr you anything jalan." skrg pundeeekkkkkk. Sikit pon tada. Yg boleh harap Faris and Misha. I don't know laa. Mmg betul la mamat tu ckp. "melayu mudah lupa"